• #tacklehomophobia
  • Who am I to judge?

    In conjunction with our colleagues in Norway @NISO we are tackling homophobia in the League of Ireland with the banner 'Who am I to judge?' 

    Players attending the Association's AGM in Castleknock Golf Club got behind the campaign #tacklehomophobia and there has been a massive reaction on Twitter as the players post their support on their own accounts.

    Ollie Cahill, PFA Ireland Player Executive, said "It's important for our Association to be an organisation that's inclusive no matter what background you're from.  We would encourage our members to join the campaign.  All you have to do is grab a pen and a piece of paper and write the message - Who am I to judge? #tacklehomophobia and post it on your Twitter and Facebook pages.  The more players who support the campaign, the further the message will travel."

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