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First Name Last Name Date of Birth Position Last club connected with
Sean Barron 09/12/1993 Goalkeeper Galway United
Mark Byrne 15/09/2000 Goalkeeper Dundalk
Corey Chambers 11/01/1998 Goalkeeper Treaty United
Peter Cherrie 10/01/1983 Goalkeeper Dundalk
Colm Cox 13/02/2001 Goalkeeper Drogheda United
Alex Moody 15/08/2002 Goalkeeper Bray Wanderers
Alexander Rutter 12/09/2001 Goalkeeper Galway United
Harry Brockbank 26/09/1998 Defender St Patrick's Athletic
Josh Collins 27/06/1997 Defender Waterford FC
Rob Cornwall 16/10/1994 Defender North Colorado Hailstorm
Regan Donelon 17/04/1996 Defender Galway United
Jamie Egan 26/06/2003 Defender Drogheda United
Michael Gallagher 09/07/2000 Defender UCD
Ciaran Hodanu 18/05/2004 Defender Longford Town
Jack Keaney 18/01/1999 Defender UCD
Conor Keeley 13/12/1997 Defender Drogheda United
Daniel Lafferty 18/05/1989 Defender Sligo Rovers
Charlie Lyons 26/05/2000 Defender Cobh Ramblers
Robbie McCourt 06/06/1998 Defender Dundalk
John Mountney 22/02/1993 Defender Dundalk
Maurice Nugent 30/07/1998 Defender Galway United
Gavin O'Brien 30/01/2003 Defender Longford Town
Oisin O'Reilly 27/11/2000 Defender Galway United
Noah van Geenan 18/04/1999 Defender Athlone Town
Gordon Walker 05/06/1999 Defender Cork City
Evan Weir 16/04/2002 Defender Drogheda United
Alec Byrne 21/06/1999 Midfielder Cobh Ramblers
David Cawley 17/09/1991 Midfielder Sligo Rovers
Karl Chambers 07/06/1996 Midfielder Wexford FC
Darren Craven 04/06/1994 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Oran Crowe 14/07/2003 Midfielder Cork City
Conor Crowley 25/03/1998 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Lee Devitt 03/06/2000 Midfielder Treaty United
Dylan Grimes 03/10/1998 Midfielder Drogheda United
Luke Heeney 02/06/1999 Midfielder Drogheda United
Conor Levingston 21/01/1998 Midfielder Wexford FC
Niall Morahan 30/05/2000 Midfielder Sligo Rovers
Darragh Noone 28/04/1997 Midfielder Drogheda United
Mikie Rowe 03/07/1996 Midfielder Galway United
Sam Verdon 03/09/1995 Midfielder Longford Town
Luke Wade Slater 03/02/1998 Midfielder Drogheda United
Ola Adeyemo 13/02/1995 Forward Longford Town
Jordan Adeyemo 02/07/2000 Forward Longford Town
Darren Clarke 10/06/1996 Forward Galway United
Enda Curran 11/06/1992 Forward Treaty United
Conor Davis 03/06/1998 Forward Bray Wanderers
Jack Doherty 03/08/1994 Forward Cobh Ramblers
Success Edogun 28/04/2001 Forward Treaty United
Michael Leddy 14/01/2004 Forward Shamrock Rovers
Chris Lyons 05/08/1993 Forward Bray Wanderers
Yousef Mahdy 20/01/1998 Forward Bray Wanderers
Eric Molloy 12/12/1992 Forward Longford Town
Beineon O’Brien-Whitmarsh 11/01/2000 Forward Longford Town