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First Name Last Name Date of Birth Position Last club connected with
Jack Brady 17/12/1996 Goalkeeper Shelbourne
Peter Cherrie 01/10/1983 Goalkeeper Dundalk
Matthew Connor 08/04/1997 Goalkeeper Waterford FC
Luke Dennison 21/08/1996 Goalkeeper Galway United
Tommy Holland 01/04/1998 Goalkeeper Athlone Town
Michael Kelly 13/07/1996 Goalkeeper Longford Town
Patrick Martyn 20/01/2002 Goalkeeper Athlone Town
Colin McCabe 06/01/1997 Goalkeeper Drogheda United
Mark McGinley 26/03/1990 Goalkeeper Finn Harps
Tadhg Ryan 09/04/1997 Goalkeeper Treaty United
Lee Steacy 18/01/1993 Goalkeeper Longford Town
Luke Boore 28/03/1999 Defender UCD
Mohamed Boudiaf 15/06/2002 Defender Drogheda United
Gary Boylan 24/04/1996 Defender Galway United
Killian Brouder 20/08/1998 Defender Galway United
Sean Callan 14/12/1999 Defender Bray Wanderers
Kilian Cantwell 24/05/1995 Defender Athlone Town
Regan Donelon 17/04/1996 Defender Sligo Rovers
Shane Elworthy 06/08/1997 Defender Longford Town
Kyle Ferguson 24/09/1999 Defender Waterford FC
Aidan Friel 15/01/1991 Defender Athlone Town
Brian Gartland 04/11/1986 Defender Dundalk
Joe Gorman 01/04/1994 Defender Galway United
Dylan Hand 15/03/1999 Defender Athlone Town
Conor Kane 05/11/1998 Defender Drogheda United
Danny Kane 23/04/1997 Defender Sligo Rovers
Paddy Kirk 02/06/1998 Defender Longford Town
Dane Massey 17/04/1988 Defender Drogheda United
Michael McDonnell 23/03/1992 Defender Longford Town
Jordan Mustoe 28/01/1991 Defender Finn Harps
Daniel O'Reilly 11/04/1995 Defender Drogheda United
Ray O'Sullivan 03/07/2002 Defender Athlone Town
Evan Osam 17/08/1997 Defender UCD
Joe Redmond 23/01/2000 Defender Drogheda United
Robert Slevin 14/07/1998 Defender Cork City
Tunmise Sobowale 19/03/1999 Defender Waterford FC
Dan Tobin 27/02/1997 Defender Cabinteely
Evan Weir 16/04/2002 Defender UCD
Evan White 17/02/1999 Defender Athlone Town
Conor Barry 02/09/1995 Midfielder Finn Harps
Ryan Brennan 11/11/1991 Midfielder Shelbourne
Mark Byrne 09/11/1988 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Karl Chambers 07/06/1996 Midfielder Longford Town
James Clarke 28/01/2001 Midfielder Drogheda United
Mark Coyle 13/02/1997 Midfielder Finn Harps
Derek Daly 25/08/1997 Midfielder Athlone Town
Aodh Dervin 21/07/1999 Midfielder Longford Town
Mark Dignam 17/04/1999 Midfielder UCD
Shane Doherty 16/08/1996 Midfielder Galway United
Jamal Dupree 11/08/1997 Midfielder Waterford FC
Paul Fox 03/04/1999 Midfielder Wexford FC
Ryan Graydon 11/04/1999 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Dylan Grimes 10/03/1998 Midfielder Longford Town
Luke Heeney 06/02/1999 Midfielder Drogheda United
Dale Holland 07/01/2000 Midfielder Cork City
Jamie Hollywood 30/06/1997 Midfielder Athlone Town
Luka Lovic 28/03/1999 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Darragh Markey 23/05/1997 Midfielder Drogheda United
Brandon McCann 26/01/1999 Midfielder Athlone Town
Daniel McKenna 12/12/1999 Midfielder Athlone Town
Georgie Poynton 08/09/1997 Midfielder Shelbourne
Dayle Rooney 24/02/1998 Midfielder Shelbourne
Carlton Ubaezuonu 22/04/1998 Midfielder Galway United
Sam Verdon 03/09/1995 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Adam Wixted 08/03/1995 Midfielder Athlone Town
Anthony Wordsworth 03/01/1989 Midfielder Waterford FC
Shane Barnes 07/09/1997 Forward Athlone Town
Dean Byrne 18/01/1996 Forward Longford Town
Dinny Corcoran 13/02/1989 Forward Drogheda United
Joe Doyle 10/09/1997 Forward Bray Wanderers
Denzil Fernandes 21/02/1998 Forward Shelbourne
Steven Kinsella 22/08/1998 Forward Bray Wanderers
Francely Lomboto 02/07/2000 Forward Galway United
Chris Lyons 08/05/1993 Forward Drogheda United
Robert Manley 24/08/1997 Forward Longford Town
Glen McAuley 24/02/2000 Forward Athlone Town
Aaron McCabe 23/02/2001 Forward Longford Town
Dylan McGlade 22/04/1995 Forward Cork City
David McMillan 14/12/1988 Forward Dundalk
Aaron McNally 31/08/2000 Forward Longford Town
Stephen Meaney 30/05/1998 Forward Athlone Town
Ahu Obhakhan 02/08/1997 Forward Drogheda United
Kaleem Simon 08/07/1996 Forward Drogheda United
Callum Warfield 20/03/2001 Forward Longford Town