Check your medications:

→To check medications bought in the Republic of Ireland, use the Sport Ireland website

→To check medicines bought in the UK/OSA/Canada consult

→To check medicines bought in the rest of the world check

A player should never assume that a medication for sale in another country which has the same name or similar packaging will have the same ingredients - it needs to be checked based on where it is purchased

It is important to note that 'recreational' drugs such as cannabis and cocaine fall under the prohibited list and will result in disciplinary action



Sport Ireland does not recommend the use of supplements as they may be contaminated or not have all their ingredients listed on their labels. Common examples used in sport include sports drinks, protein and carbohydrate powders, vitamin and mineral supplements, meal replacements, sports bars and gels. Please see Sport Ireland's website for more information on the Supplements and Sports Food Policy.  If in doubt, always consult your team doctor.


Medication - Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

When receiving medical care, (e.g. Diabetes, Asthma) advise your GP and any other treating medical personnel that you are subject to anti-doping. Always advise your team doctor if you are receiving medical treatment. Always consult with your team doctor if you are being prescribed medication/treatment by other medical personnel.

If you require medication, you may need a Therapeutic Use Exemption. This can be completed by your team doctor, family doctor or the prescribing specialist. To see if you require a TUE, please visit Sport Ireland's website (

It is recommended that all players who may be subject to doping control view the Sport Ireland Anti-Doping eLearning section on their website.

Further information on all of the above can be found on the Sport Ireland and WADA websites:

If you have any queries regarding Anti-Doping please contact the Anti-Doping Unit at Sport Ireland:

Tel: 01 860 8800