1st December to 22nd February

→ Anyone can transfer
*NB from 1st - 22nd February amateur players from FAI clubs can only be signed on professional forms

1st December to 31st January

→ Amateur players being signed from FAI Clubs to LOI Clubs as amateurs

1st June to 30th June

→ Amateur players who are free following conclusion of their season

1st July to 31st July

→ Anyone can transfer

1st August to 31st August

→ Out of work Professionals


2020 Out of Contract Training Camp

The annual PFA Ireland Out of Contract Training camp is available to members who are currently seeking a contract for the 2021 League of Ireland season.

This year, group fitness training will take place online three times a week beginning December 10th 2020 led by Dean Clarke. Online group sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19.30 and Saturday mornings at 10.30. The schedule will be adapted for Christmas week in consultation with players. In addition, individual sessions will be provided for training 3 times a week with accompanying nutritional guidance. A showcase game will take place in early January 2021.
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