YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BET on any aspect of matches or competitions or on any football matter over which you could have an influence.

Players must not bet, either individually, through a third party or as part of a group on any League, Cup or League Cup competition in any division of their competition. This applies to European competition as well if players' clubs are involved.

You are not permitted to instruct someone to bet on your behalf or as part of a group.


Inside information

As a player you will often be privy to inside information. This could be injury or team selection news, manager appointment etc. 

You are not allowed to use inside information to place a bet or to instruct someone to do so on your behalf. 

You are not allowed to pass inside information on to others which they could use for betting. This could include word of mouth, text, e-mail or even social media postings.

To report suspected betting, or any irregularities with regards to integrity, call the 'confidential' telephone no: 00 353 1 899 9399, alternatively you can email: