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  • Statement from the players of Bray Wanderers FC

    We are pleased to announce that we have finally been paid our wages for last month. As a result, we have agreed to halt strike action for the time being. However, we have not been provided with any comfort or certainty about any future payments. Our next monthly payment is due next week and if it, or any subsequent payments for the duration of the season, are not honoured as they fall due, it will be necessary to reconsider our position. We simply cannot endure another period of uncertainty. In those circumstances, the last resort option of going on strike would be back on the table. We sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.
    We would like to thank PFA Ireland for the leadership shown throughout this difficult period. We would also like to thank Denis Hynes of SIPTU and all the supporters of Bray Wanderers and to all of our fellow players throughout the league for their support and solidarity over the last number of weeks.
    We now look forward to returning to playing football and trying to keep our club Bray Wanderers in the Premier Division.