• Statement from PFA Ireland re Limerick FC statement

    It is unfortunate that it is necessary to put out a statement on behalf of the PFA Ireland. However, given the inaccuracies contained in today's statement by Limerick FC, we feel the need to correct the record.

    The PFA Ireland did attend a meeting with Limerick on 4th of June. At that stage the majority of the squad were unpaid that’s why the players requested a meeting with PFA Ireland at the training ground. It is inaccurate to suggest that all players were paid prior to training on that day.

    On that occasion, we requested that one months salary be placed in an escrow account, month on month, in order that players would have certainty of payment for the rest of the season.

    This suggestion was rejected and the Limerick ownership demanded to meet each player individually the next day which they did in the presence of PFA Ireland General Secretary Stephen McGuinness and Ollie Cahill. Ultimately no resolution was reached but each player confirmed their request.

    At this point, we contacted the FAI and asked them to use their influence to reach a resolution. We received little or no assistance from them. As a result, Stephen McGuinness kept in contact with general manager, Kieran Judge, who confirmed last week he was unsure when wages would be paid.

    In the circumstances, with wages outstanding for over six weeks, we felt we had no choice but to put the option of strike action to the players. Although they have finally been paid their wages to date, it has taken this drastic action to reach this point when the club has continually said it has no money.

    The players themselves wish simply to have a firm and verifiable commitment that they will be paid from here to the end of the season.  At no stage have we or they sought all wages in any escrow account.  However, as of today's date, at a meeting with the players, the Limerick owners were unable to provide any certainty that wages will be paid on time until the end of the season.

    It is entirely wrong for Limerick to now seek to pass any blame for this completely unsatisfactory situation away from anyone but themselves. They entered into contracts with players which they as per their payment schedule haven’t been able to keep. That is their fault and theirs alone.  Limerick need to step up to the plate and honour the contractual obligations on the dates they are due.