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  • Statement from Bray Wanderers players

    On Friday, 7th July 2017 the players of Bray Wanderers requested that their club provide PFA Ireland with details of the club's new investment along with guarantees that this money will be secured to ensure that all players contracts will be honored until the end of their term. Given the statements from the Club chairman of the preceding week when he confirmed that the original investment was no longer available, we felt that this was necessary to ensure confidence in our financial security. This information was requested by close of business Monday, 10th July 2017. A response was not received by this deadline and to date we have yet to receive confirmation from Bray Wanderers that this new investment will be secured.

    The players and PFA Ireland then wrote to the FAI Head of Club Licensing and the Independent Club Licensing Committee requesting confirmation as to what securities have or will be put in place to ensure that any new investment will indeed be guaranteed. Club licensing has engaged in correspondence with the PFA Ireland but they have not provided us with any confirmation of any investment or that this investment will be secured.

    In addition, our union sought to meet with the FAI on this issue to which they refused to agree citing other commitments. It is particularly disappointing that the FAI have refused to meet with our representatives where they could at least have provided us with more clarity on the financial situation with Bray Wanderers.

    A meeting was arranged last night between the players, Bray Wanderers officials and the PFA Ireland. The players requested representation from the FAI at this meeting. The FAI did not respond to this request. At this meeting, we reiterated our basic request for details of any new investment and assurance that the investment will be secured. None was provided. We also asked the club to provide us with a date as to when any new investment in the club will be finalised. No date was provided.

    In those circumstances, and in view of the fact that the current transfer window closes on 31st July, we as players feel we must be afforded the opportunity to gain secure employment elsewhere, and it is with regret that all players are now placing themselves on the transfer list with immediate effect.

    For us as players it is simply about job security, and we have merely asked that any new investment is secured. We have provided the club and the FAI with ample opportunity to obtain this information but as we are now entering a third week of uncertainty, we feel we must take this action.

    Bray Wanderers Professional Players