• Safety at League of Ireland Fixtures

    The PFA Ireland strongly condemns the use of pyrotechnics in the League of Ireland. Their use endangers the safety of players, match officials, fans, club officials and all other attendees.

    We are calling on the FAI to take significant action to prevent the use of pyrotechnics and protect the safety of everyone that attends our matches.

    We acknowledge the good work that many clubs undertake to prevent pyrotechnics from entering stadiums. However, despite a number of campaigns alongside current and former players highlighting the dangers of pyrotechnics, they are still a significant issue at our games on a regular basis. This danger was unfortunately highlighted on Friday when a player was struck by a flare and required medical treatment.

    The PFA Ireland has today sought an urgent meeting between players, match officials and the FAI to highlight the players concerns. Player safety is an absolute priority and we will take any necessary actions to ensure they are protected in their working environment.