• Player Safety at Matches

    Following a number of recent incidents in our league, players are reminded of their obligations in relation to their own safety and the safety of colleagues and fans at League of Ireland fixtures.

    Players are reminded that they should never intentionally make contact with pyrotechnics. There are numerous incidents globally of players receiving serious injuries when trying to remove pyrotechnics from the field of play. Players are therefore asked not to attempt to kick or throw pyrotechnics from the field of play. This can sometimes be a frustration, especially when trying to restart a game, but should not be done in any circumstance. The current guidelines are to allow them to burn out before they are removed by the appropriate club or fire brigade personnel and we encourage all players to adhere to these guidelines.

    It is imperative that incidents which may have an adverse effect on players are reported and subsequently dealt with appropriately by the relevant bodies. We encourage our members to report any such incidents to us so that we can ensure appropriate action is taken and any required supports are provided.

    PFA Ireland has made representations to relevant bodies to take action to ensure the safety of players. Rivalry and atmosphere at matches are something to be celebrated but not to the point where someone’s safety is at risk.

    Any players with questions or comments in relation to anything above, should contact us.