• PFA Ireland Statement

    PFA Ireland notes the statement released by An Garda Síochána yesterday in relation to spot fixing in the League of Ireland.

    The player at the centre of this situation was approached in relation to spot fixing in a match and reported it immediately to PFA Ireland, the FAI and An Garda Síochána. There is no concern related to his involvement in any spot fixing or match fixing and we commend him on his actions in this regard. His response in this situation and the actions he took were exactly as we recommend to players.

    PFA Ireland has done extensive work with players in the past number of years to educate them on the dangers related to spot fixing and match fixing and the actions they must take if approached. With the support of FIFPRO, the World Players Union, all players have access to The Red Button app, a reporting tool related to spot fixing and match fixing. Players also receive education annually through FAI integrity workshops.

    Unfortunately, spot fixing and match fixing are a problem in sport globally. We must take all necessary actions to ensure they are not a problem in our league and we encourage all players to report any approach related to spot fixing or match fixing.

    As the investigation is still ongoing, PFA Ireland will be making no further comment at this stage in relation to the specific case.