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  • Opportunity for players to join Fire Service

    Louth County Council and the Professional Footballers Association of Ireland are running a pilot programme aiming to provide current, and former, professional footballers living in Louth with the opportunity to join the county’s fire service.

    Louth County Council Fire Service
    Louth County Council Fire & Rescue Service is tasked with providing fire and emergency rescue service to county Louth and its residents and visitors. The Fire Service attends the full range of emergency incidents including fires, road traffic accidents and rescues. The Service was also involved in severe weather emergencies in Louth in recent years.
    There are five fire stations located across the county:
    Drogheda Fire Station
    Dundalk Fire Station
    Carlingford Fire Station
    Dunleer Fire Station
    Ardee Fire Station

    Benefits to current and former League of Ireland footballers:
    - Annual Retainer (€8,194 – €11,221), Fire Fees and Drill Rates to supplement income from playing contract.
    - Opportunity to progress to Retained Sub-Officer within the Fire Service.
    - Support for additional development, such as obtaining a licence to drive a truck and learning of life skills, including first aid.
    - Fire Stations have gyms or fitness equipment.
    - High level of training and fitness - ideally suited to professional players.
    - Opportunity to become a full-time member of the Louth Fire Service.

    Fire service availability can easily be tailored around games and training requirements.

    To be eligible for the Fire Service you must:
    - live and work within a 5 minute response time of the Fire Station;
    - be aged 18 years and over;
    - meet the required health and physical fitness standards;
    - have a good standard of vision and colour perception; and
    - preferably have a category B, full, clean driving license.

    If you are interested in pursuing this further please contact Keith O'Dwyer on Keith.ODwyer@louthcoco.ie