• Mark Farren
  • Mark Farren

    A request from the family of Mark Farren -

    After six years of fighting against a life threatening condition, Derry City legend Mark Farren needs our help.

    Mark's 3rd surgery took place a month ago and surgeons removed 80-90% of a tumour. The invasive nature of the procedure has had a stunting effect on his speech and mobility. The biopsy which followed has indicated that the tumour is a grade 4, meaning it’s highly aggressive.

    Being no stranger to thinking outside the box, Mark is seeking medical assistance from an elite cancer centre in Germany. The six week treatment programme is his best chance of saving or at least prolonging his life. Treatment will cost approximately €30,000.

    This is the one goal with which Mark needs our help, any contribution is greatly appreciated.

    Over the coming weeks there will be a number of fundraising activities led by Mark’s former teammates, Kevin McHugh, Ruaidhri Higgins and Ciaran Martyn, along with PFA Ireland, and other sporting bodies, including Mark’s former clubs Derry City and Glenavon.

    The Farren family