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  • Cert in Dual Career Development with Griffith College

    Have you thought about going to college but are unsure what course to do, or if you are ready?
    Would you like to learn skills that you can put to immediate use in your day to day life and skills that will help you develop your career?
    The Certificate in Dual Career Development (Sport) in Griffith College has been designed with you in mind!
    The programme is a professional development course for high performance/professional sports people. It will help you develop business and communication skills to build confidence in a number of key areas. This is unique programme that helps you both NOW in your current context and helps prepare you for the future. It has the full endorsement of PFA Ireland.
    Students will study a number of topics, with each one tailored to your particular circumstances. The topics include:
    • Social Media Management
    • Technology and Communication
    • Understanding Contracts & Negotiation
    • Developing your personal Brand
    • Personal Finance
    • Research and Study Skills
    • Building Your Business Skillset
    • Communication Strategies
    There are no exams; each topic is assessed through an assignment which is related in some way to your personal and professional development. Each student receives considerable individual attention and support, ensuring a personalised learning experience is fostered.
    Students will have access to many resources offering structure and guidance, including online videos, lecture notes and very flexible timetables. The programme team includes enthusiastic, award winning lecturers who have won praise for being both professionally and academically very strong.
    All students who complete the assignments will graduate with the Certificate in Dual Career Development (Sport), a Level 7 Special Purpose Award (20ECTS), validated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).
    Register before the 9th of August 2017 to receive a 10% discount on course fee! (Discount will be applied after payment of €250 deposit).
    For more information, please contact the office on 01 8999350