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First Name Last Name Date of Birth Position Last club connected with
Peter Cherrie 01/10/1983 Goalkeeper Bray Wanderers
Ciaran Gallagher 01/04/1992 Goalkeeper Finn Harps
Connor Gleeson 13/06/1993 Goalkeeper Athlone Town
Eric Grimes 04/02/1995 Goalkeeper Derry City
Kevin Horgan 26/04/1997 Goalkeeper Shamrock Rovers
Michael Kelly 13/07/1996 Goalkeeper Cabinteely
Colin McCabe 06/01/1997 Goalkeeper Bohemian FC
Jack Menton 23/09/1996 Goalkeeper Cabinteely
Shaun Patton 22/08/1995 Goalkeeper Sligo Rovers
Jamie Quinn 13/10/1992 Goalkeeper Shelbourne
Aaron Shanahan 20/04/1984 Goalkeeper Bray Wanderers
Paul Skinner 03/02/1989 Goalkeeper Longford Town
Lukasz Skowron 17/03/1991 Goalkeeper St Patrick's Athletic
Lee Steacy 18/01/1993 Goalkeeper Bray Wanderers
Conor Winn 26/02/1992 Goalkeeper Galway
Michael Barker 16/08/1993 Defender St Patrick's Athletic
Ian Bermingham 16/06/1989 Defender St Patrick's Athletic
James Brown 04/06/1998 Defender Shelbourne
Lloyd Buckley 29/02/1996 Defender Drogheda United
Karl Byrne 11/07/1996 Defender Cabinteely
Kilian Cantwell 24/05/1995 Defender Finn Harps
Dan Casey 29/10/1997 Defender Bohemian FC
Colm Deasy 04/01/1997 Defender Drogheda United
Darren Dennehy 22/09/1988 Defender St Patrick's Athletic
Johnny Dunleavy 03/07/1991 Defender Cork City
Stephen Dunne 12/09/1995 Defender Drogheda United
Shane Elworthy 06/08/1997 Defender Drogheda United
Kevin Farragher 27/06/1993 Defender Drogheda United
Paul Finnegan 18/06/1996 Defender Longford Town
Lorcan Fitzgerald 03/01/1989 Defender Bohemian FC
Ian Fletcher 01/10/1996 Defender Athlone Town
Stephen Folan 14/01/1992 Defender Galway
Owen Folan 02/11/1998 Defender Athlone Town
Rhys Gorman 24/01/1994 Defender Longford Town
Dylan Hayes 09/04/1995 Defender Bohemian FC
Dean Jarvis 01/06/1992 Defender Derry City
Conor Keeley 13/12/1997 Defender Cabinteely
Alan Kehoe 12/04/1996 Defender Longford Town
Shaun Kelly 09/03/1989 Defender Limerick
Ciarán Kelly 04/07/1998 Defender St Patrick's Athletic
Conor Kenna 21/08/1984 Defender Bray Wanderers
Maxim Kouogun 14/03/1997 Defender UCD
Michael Leahy 30/04/1989 Defender Sligo Rovers
Liam McCartan 18/07/1997 Defender Athlone Town
David O'Connor 24/08/1991 Defender Limerick
Adam O'Connor 21/10/1994 Defender Shelbourne
Gavin Peers 10/11/1985 Defender St Patrick's Athletic
Cormac Raftery 27/04/1995 Defender Athlone Town
Jack Tuite 27/01/1997 Defender Shelbourne
Stephen Walsh 29/08/1990 Defender Athlone Town
Robbie Williams 02/10/1984 Defender Cork City
Conor Barry 02/09/1995 Midfielder Galway
Jack Bayly 18/06/1996 Midfielder Drogheda United
Jonny Bonner 09/07/1991 Midfielder Finn Harps
Gary Boylan 24/04/1996 Midfielder Sligo Rovers
Ethan Boyle 04/01/1997 Midfielder Finn Harps
Sean Brennan 01/01/1986 Midfielder Drogheda United
Killian Brennan 31/01/1984 Midfielder St Patrick's Athletic
Alex Byrne 08/03/1995 Midfielder Galway
Dean Casey 15/12/1997 Midfielder Cabinteely
Ryan Connolly 13/01/1992 Midfielder Shamrock Rovers
Kevin Devaney 26/09/1990 Midfielder Galway
Kealan Dillon 21/02/1994 Midfielder Longford Town
Anthony Dolan 18/09/1997 Midfielder Cabinteely
Shane Duggan 11/03/1989 Midfielder Limerick
Conor Earley 28/05/1993 Midfielder Cabinteely
Adam Evans 03/05/1994 Midfielder Shelbourne
Aidan Friel 15/01/1991 Midfielder Longford Town
Luke Gallagher 29/07/1994 Midfielder Drogheda United
Philip Gannon 11/10/1996 Midfielder Bohemian FC
Adam Hanlon 03/06/1992 Midfielder Wexford FC
Bastien Hery 23/03/1992 Midfielder Limerick
Gavan Holohan 15/12/1991 Midfielder Galway
Jake Hyland 10/08/1995 Midfielder Drogheda United
Graham Kelly 31/10/1991 Midfielder St Patrick's Athletic
Stephen Kenny 14/05/1993 Midfielder Limerick
Chris Kenny 04/05/1990 Midfielder Sligo Rovers
Lee Lynch 27/11/1991 Midfielder Limerick
Darragh Markey 23/05/1997 Midfielder St Patrick's Athletic
Gary McCabe 01/08/1988 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Ryan McEvoy 19/07/1990 Midfielder Drogheda United
Dylan McGlade 22/04/1995 Midfielder Longford Town
Darren Meenan 16/11/1986 Midfielder Shamrock Rovers
Ian Morris 27/02/1987 Midfielder Bohemian FC
Paul O'Conor 10/08/1987 Midfielder St Patrick's Athletic
Michael Place 09/04/1998 Midfielder Derry City
Richie Purdy 16/09/1997 Midfielder Drogheda United
Dayle Rooney 24/02/1998 Midfielder Shelbourne
John Russell 18/05/1985 Midfielder Sligo Rovers
Sean Russell 10/12/1993 Midfielder Drogheda United
Lukas Schubert 25/06/1989 Midfielder Derry City
Gary Shanahan 15/02/1993 Midfielder Galway
Robert Spelman 01/09/1997 Midfielder Athlone Town
John Sullivan 06/01/1991 Midfielder Bray Wanderers
Sam Verdon 03/09/1995 Midfielder Longford Town
Keith Ward 12/10/1990 Midfielder Bohemian FC
Eoin Wearen 02/10/1992 Midfielder Bohemian FC
Adam Wixted 08/03/1995 Midfielder Drogheda United
Dean Zambra 30/07/1988 Midfielder Longford Town
Aaron Ashe 07/05/1996 Forward Shelbourne
Conan Byrne 10/07/1985 Forward St Patrick's Athletic
Kurtis Byrne 09/04/1990 Forward St Patrick's Athletic
Dean Clarke 29/03/1993 Forward Limerick
Enda Curran 11/06/1992 Forward Athlone Town
Keith Dalton 10/09/1997 Forward Dundalk
Billy Dennehy 17/02/1987 Forward St Patrick's Athletic
Joe Doyle 10/09/1997 Forward Cabinteely
Jake Kelly 18/06/1990 Forward Longford Town
Chris Lyons 08/05/1993 Forward Shelbourne
Ryan Masterson 23/10/1996 Forward Drogheda United
Chris Mulhall 09/02/1988 Forward Drogheda United
Ciaran O'Connor 04/07/1996 Forward Dundalk
John O'Flynn 11/07/1982 Forward Limerick
Ger Pender 22/05/1994 Forward Bray Wanderers
Jackson Ryan 17/12/1997 Forward Shelbourne
Michael Scott 23/04/1994 Forward Cabinteely
Kaleem Simon 08/07/1996 Forward Longford Town
Mark Timlin 17/11/1994 Forward Finn Harps
Rodrigo Tosi 06/01/1983 Forward Limerick