Monday, 18 June 2012 12:21

It is with great surprise and disappointment that news of Monaghan United's withdrawal from the league has reached us. Prior to this, no discussion had taken place with the PFAI nor was any indication of their impending withdrawal communicated to this association. No player we have spoken to was contacted by the club prior to the statement being released and many players first heard that they had lost their jobs through Twitter.

We find it extraordinary that no attempt was made to reach a solution with the players either directly with them or through this association.  Situations like this have arisen in the past and agreements have been reached in order to keep a team in the league.

It is hugely disappointing that players and fans have seen a club withdraw from the league in these circumstances without an effort being made to explore all possibilities with the players.

It is, however, a relief to hear that all creditors will be paid and we assume that players wages which are currently in arrears and the remainder of their contracts will be honoured. We look forward to hearing from the club with details of how these payments will be made.